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#96 Punk Rock Friday

Thursday, April 29, 2010

#95 And now for something completely different, part two: Pürfect Hüsker Dü (door Thijs Hoebers)

Liner notes in Dutch...

#94 And now for something completely different, part one: Perfect John Reis

Perfect John Reis, a compilation by me and Niels Post.


Liner notes in Dutch over at... Het Zesde Vlak.

#93 Honda the Power of Dreams 1.5

During last Sunday's first leg of the Dutch cup final, being a Feyenoord man myself, I didn't have much to cheer about. I did stand up and jumped for joy though during the break when this commercial came on. It's version 1.5 of Honda's Power of Dreams by Wieden and Kennedy London and simply put amazing.

The music is a a song called "The Impossible Dream" and could be considered a classic. It has an amazing amount of recorded versions ranging from Elvis to Froger and Joling. The version used in this commercial is by Andy Williams. The original version however, was written and recorded for the 1965 musical "Man of La Mancha". Underneath you'll find the film version from 1972... and a sweet excuse to check out Sophia Loran.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

#92 Ooks of Hazard

My friend Jerry Hormone (part time punk rock legend and full time writer of children's books) used to tell me that a good song is defined by how well it sounds when played on just an acoustic guitar. Stripped of any kind of production the bare essentials then either stand out... or fall apart.

I ran into this The Ooks Of Hazard video, and even though they use more then just an acoustic guitar, it pretty much shows that MGMT's "Kids" by Jerry's standards is a great song.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

#91 Perfect Ben Folds (Five) - by Norbert Pek

The best of Ben Folds and Ben Folds Five. According to Norbert Pek.

Right over HERE.

Liner notes in Dutch ovetr at Het Zesde Vlak.

Monday, April 26, 2010

#90 Louis "Satan is King" Armstrong

There's a person called Andy Rehfeldt and I recently ran into his youtube account which is full of funniness. Andy, recreates various classic (yet sometimes not so classic songs) and recreates them in a different musical style. Now this might seem like the kind of thing that can go horrible wrong, but trust me... it's cool as hell.

Here's two of my absolute favorites.

Louis Armstrong - What a Wonderful World (death metal version)

Metallica - Enter Sandman (smooth jazz version)

Friday, April 23, 2010

#89 Punk Rock Friday

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

#88 Seven Great Moments in Musical History That Helped Spawn a Horrible Genre (part II)

4. Urband Dance Squad - 1989
Hollands finest!
The Urban Dance Squad (from now on UDC) was a Dutch band hailing from the pittoresque city of Utrecht. The UDC was a band that successfully mixed the rock, with the hip hop ever since the late '80's.
Fronted by rapper Rudeboy the band had a pretty good streak especially considering the fact that they... well they were Dutch! I don't think that since the the Golden Earring and besides a lot of Eurohouse (sorry about that) there has been a music group from Holland that gained so much popularity outside of the Netherlands.
It makes me feel somewhat proud.
The singles collection below obviously is a best off. My favorite song: Demagogue

Singles Collection Download.

5. Anthrax and Public Enemy - 1991
Public Enemy and Anthrax seems like an odd combination. That's apparently what Chuck D thought at first as well when Anthrax requested to co-operate on a track. But when Chuckie found out that Scott Ian was wearing PE shirt 24-7 he deiced to give them the benefit of the doubt.

The song basically is Anthrax covering PE's Bring the Noise in their very own thrash metal way. The song has Scott Ian doing some of the rapping on the track and features both Chuck D. doing some of his parts and Flavor Flav throwing in a couple of his trademark "Yeaaaaaahhhh boooooiiii's".

What I've always wondered however is whether Chuck D and the guys knew about Scott Ian's (yes the white dude doing the rapping) side projects. Just one year prior to recording this track Scot worked as a producer, back up vocalist and guitar player for M.O.D.'s debut U.S.A. for M.O.D. An amazingly great thrash record, I'm not to judge, but with slightly "racist" lyrics.
In other words... I think Scott Ian is the first person to be

a. white
b. bald
c. able to use the N-word

while still recording with Public Enemy. Chapeau!

6. Rage Against the machine - RATM 1992
This might mainly be nostalgia, but Rage Against The Machine's self titled 1992 debut is simply great. It has the Led Zep riffage by a guy who can also make his guitar sound like scraching turntables, a pretty good frontman / rapper and an amount of energy that created an earthquake by all the people doing that weird "jump-up and shake your head dance' at Hollands Pinkpop festival in 1993.

7. Judgment Night - 1993
Judgement Night is considered one of the biggest stinkers in cinematic history and even though it had a pretty sweet cast with the likes of Emilio Estevez, Cuba Gooding Junior and Dennis "I'm an Asshole" Leary, it did pretty much stink.
The soundtrack, that initiated collaborations between the 'who's who' in early 90's alternative rock and rap, however is something different. Again this might be nostalgia, but Helmet teaming up with House of Pain and Ice-T teaming up with Slayer should be enough to give any, then 15 year old music minded adolescent, a music boner.

It's not said that that the entire record is great. I mean Boo Ya Tribe (who the fuck are these fat freaks) & Faith No More, if anything is just weird and the Dinosaur Jr and Del The Funky Homo track is the worst of both acts combined.
As a whole this record is amazing and should be downloaded and enjoyed while smoking great amounts of weed and drinking colorful alcoholic beverages.

Download The Judgement Night Soundtrack here.

Goto part 1.

#87 Perfect Flying Lotus (by DJ Rich-Ears)

Xander, aka DJ RichEars, is starting to become a household name here... "perfect' wise that is. His latest mix is one dedicated to the phenomenon known as Flying Lotus. Liner notes in Dutch over at Het Zesde Vlak.

Download here.

Monday, April 19, 2010

#86 Nike Free Run + : Music Shoe

Wieden en Kennedy Tokyo came up with a film that features a DJ duo making music on Nike Shoes (or at least they pretend to make music on Nike shoes). I can't seem to figure out whether this is
A. Brilliant
B. Japanese and therefore not understandable for my western european ethnocentric brain
C. Plain stupid

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#85 Punk Rock Friday

Thursday, April 15, 2010

#84 The New LCD Soundsystem Fr Yr Steaming Pleasure

The new LCD Soundsystem is online for your streaming listening pleasure, it's f-in sweet! Click here.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

#83 Seven Great Moments in Musical History That Helped Spawn a Horrible Genre (part I)

Some ingredients are better not to be mixed. 7-up and Baileys for example. Drinking this will make your stomach explode apparently.
The same thing can be said about the late '90's and early '00s mixing of rap and rock. The musical landscape, created in that time by such acts as Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park (j'accuse Jay-Z! j'accuse!), Korn and the likes, has been far worse then any other gorrible form of music before.

However, there was a time when mixing rap and rock was actually not that bad, even cool. Here's seven great rap / rock moments that helped spawn aforementioned gorrible genre.

1. The Clash - The Magnificent Seven - 1981
The Magnificent Seven is a Clash single taken from their fourth studio album Sandinista!. A record released in 1981 and recorded in 1980 all over London, Manchester, Jamaica and New York.

Sandinista is as ecletic as the places it was recorded. The record features everything from rock to calypso and yes, songs that combine both rap and rock.

Joe Strummer on rap:

"When we came to the U.S., Mick stumbled upon a music shop in Brooklyn that carried the music of Grand Master Flash and the Furious Five, the Sugar Hill Gang...these groups were radically changing music and they changed everything for us."

How can one not love the Clash. Hear Joe Strummer rap and rhyme here.

2. Blondie - Rapture - 1981

Beat by 6 months by The Clash, Blondie's Rapture might not the first recording mixing both rap and rock, but it is the first one to top the charts. Actually... according to Wikipedia (the source of everything true) Blondie's Rapture was the first single involving rap in general to top the charts, beating Kurtis Blow's 'The Breaks' by just a few weeks.

Blondie - Rapture

3. Run DMC and Aerosmith - 1986
"Walk This Way" has been good for Aerosmith. Very good indeed. Not only provided the original 70's release the band with international fame, when Run DMC decided to cover it on their '86 debut "Raising Hell" it also provided a much needed resurrection in popularity for the band.
In all honesty Run DMC did not exactly cover "Walk This Way". As Wikipedia (again the source for everything true) puts it: " Walk This Way features new vocal and guitar parts by Steven Tyler and Joe Perry of Aerosmith based on their original 1975 recording, as well as a sample of the original drum intro during the second verse."

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

#82 Perfect Yacht Rock

To keep a long story short: 23 x guilty 70's and 80's soft rock pleasures by The Boys Of Summer.

Right over HERE (for both Mac & PC)
Liner notes (in Dutch!) over at Het Zesde Vlak.

And for your viewing pleasure. Check out the online TV comedy 'Yacht Rock', about the lives of these 70's and 80's Soft Rockstars. Funny Funny Funny!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

#81 Sandeman Monthmix 04_09 (Rasta Monsta does Miami)

Rasta Monsta does Miami, Maandmix April '10 by djsandeman

And the TRACKLISTING (separate tracks HERE):
  1. "Made For Each Other" - Junkie XL feat. Jan Hammer
  2. "Madame Butterfly" - Malcolm McLaren
  3. "Crockett's Theme" (Ben Liebrand Remix 1987) - Jan Hammer
  4. "Nightcall" - Kavinsky
  5. "In Heat" (Javelin Remix) - HEALTH
  6. "Maintain" - Computer Jay
  7. "Uggebugg" (Original Version) - Prins Thomas
  8. "Hide Me" (Rory Phillips Mix) - The Golden Filter
  9. "Real Life" - Tanlines
  10. "Feel So Good" (radio edit) - The Juan Maclean
  11. "The Wallet" - B.R.U.C.E.
  12. "The Shrew Would Have Cushioned the Blow" (Actress' Neu Haus So-Glo Mix) - Joy Orbison
  13. "Heavy Machinery" - Scuba
  14. "I Feel Bonnie" (Club Version) - Hot Chip feat. Bonnie 'Prince' Billy
  15. "Grow Up" (Cassian Remix) - Swick
  16. "Conga" (Ben Liebrand Minimix) - Miami Sound Machine
  17. "Stay Close" - Delorean
  18. "O.N.E." - Yeasayer
  19. "Can't Get Used To Those" (Afterlude)- Dimlite

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#80 Punk Rock Friday

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#78 Big Black Bongo Man

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#77 Perfect Shuffle 39

Boom! Part 39.

Right over HERE, for PC & Mac.


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#76 Punk Rock Friday

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#75 Dave Grohl's Addiction